Initial Vision

As emission of greenhouse gases continues to increase, our earth is warming up and the sky is no longer blue. Reducing carbon footprint has become the goal of all mankind, clean energy is key to the future. Our name BLUTRON stands for clean power, and we hope to provide an energy-sustainable and eco-friendly way for personal mobility.


We Find Out

We tried multiple ways of transportation- we drove and got stuck in traffic, the sharing scooters weren’t there when we needed them, not to mention the increasing gas, parking, and rental fees. BLUTRON helps liberating people from those frustrations, inconveniences and costs. Now we have all the fresh air, all the streets to explore, and all the fun riding.


Our Value

We are a team of industrial designers, structural engineers, battery & motor experts from some top brands in the e-mobility industry. We understand what most users need- performance, price, design and everything. We are devoted to delivering the ideal e-mobility tools, to simplify every trip with BLUTRON.